6 Surprising Foods that will help you Protect Your Skin From UV Rays


Three are top 6 foods which play a decisive role in the protection of the skin from UV rays effects. Accordingly, such foods shield the hypersensitive body tissues from the burning sun rays during summer.

In case anything pops up, as a result, you can definitely use handy health care plans. But before this happens, you need to reconsider your diet plan.

Experts confirmed that a good nutrition program is a major factor that contributes to shielding the skin from harmful sun rays, namely UV rays.

The latter affects the skin massively, especially in summer, as the human body becomes more exposed to the sun throughout the day.

A study, which was conducted by the head of the neuroscience department at Texas University, uncovered that the enzyme, which is in charging of taking care of the damaged skin affected by the UV rays, has a specific daily production cycle which can change due to the daily consumed foods.

The head of the department in question stated that ‘ the protection of the skin from UV rays is possible if you follow a healthy diet plan rich in the foods that can fight back the effects of UV rays’.

Several experts published their articles in this regard and shed the light on 6 foods which will keep your skin protected and moisturized during summer.





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