7 New Year’s Resolutions Doctors Want You to Make!

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Forget about the new year new you thing, this year is for a healthier, happier you!

There are only two months left in 2019 and now is the perfect time to rethink your habits and lifestyle choices so you can truly welcome a healthier chapter in your life. And what better way to choose the best new Year’s resolutions than letting health experts do it for you!

What’s interesting about these resolutions is that sticking to them is as easy as choosing them. Behind each resolution, there’s science, psychology, and an efficient plan.
These are the top seven New Year’s resolutions that health professionals want you to make.

#7 – Write down the good things in your life

Making the famous resolution of being happier this year will be impossible to keep if you don’t have a plan of action. So, one efficient way to walk the path of happiness is to keep a journal or diary where you’ll write down the things you’re thankful for every morning.

Make sure to write at least one thing, even while you’re still in bed, and no matter how harsh life is at that time. This will help you think positive as well as introduce more joy to your daily life.

According to research, people who write down what they’re grateful for on a regular basis have fewer visits to the doctor, work out more, and sleep better.
If you’re not a journal person, turn to your smartphone for gratitude apps.

#6 – If you’re a cigarette quitter, treat yourself to something nice

Smoking is linked to higher risks for nasty diseases, from heart disease to cancer. And to stop smoking is the best New Year’s revolution out there. If you’re a smoker who wants to quit, keep in mind that it’s really hard but also very doable.

Nothing can beat a strong will! And if you did quit, then congratulations on your biggest step toward health and longevity. After all, you’ve been through, you deserve to be spoiled a little!

But to do things the right way, you should use the cash you save from not smoking to get yourself something you really want. You can choose to make a splurge every month or keep saving for a more expensive item.

#5 – Define all the 365 days, one at a time

Choose a positive word to live by every month, for example, mindfulness, kindness, integrity, self-love, forgiveness, serenity, joy, health, and the list goes on. The rule is that you should apply the word you picked to your daily actions for one month.

Actions may be something like eating more vegetables, spending more time with your family, adopting a pet, helping someone in need, introducing yourself to that new coworker or neighbor… There are just too many amazing things to do and learn, yet many people walk through a whole year without having a meaningful purpose.

You may want to use stick notes to post your words somewhere you can see them every day.

#4 – Walk more towards weight loss

You should literally walk more if you want to lose those extra pounds because worrying about the stress of exercising during the week is not helping.

Fitness experts suggest including more walks in your daily activities, even 500 additional steps of strolling around the block for just five days will bring about interesting changes.

This will help you improve your overall wellness instead of just focusing on losing weight. Your ultimate goal should actually be creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Remember, with wellness comes natural weight shedding. (Happy ending.)

#3 – Clear your mind on a daily basis

If one of your biggest resolutions for 2020 is to be more organized, start meditating once a day. According to the positive psychology expert, Sherry Blair, Ph.D., people who are depressed, anxious, stressed, or always in a hurry have very little desire to keep a tidy place.

There’s no better way to feel centered than mindfulness. In fact, scientific studies found that half an hour of meditation per day decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression in people after 2 months.

When someone starts cleaning up their house or organizing their desk, it means they’re feeling better. The chaos around you is usually a reflection of the one inside you.

#2 – Go to bed a little earlier

If you find it quite impossible to get the necessary 8 hours of sleep each night, you may choose the easier option of going to sleep fifteen minutes earlier than you usually do. Then, keep adding a few minutes earlier to that time every now and then.

If you keep following this method, you’ll be able to achieve your sleeping goals much more effectively than just promising yourself to sleep early tomorrow. You may even end up going to bed at 10 instead of midnight.

You may also want to give sleep meditation a try for a sounder sleep and a peaceful mind.

#1 – Eat more!

Yes, you certainly need to eat more of the healthy foods! But when you talk to yourself, you better keep the sentence quite short, especially that we all love the goals that begin with “eat more.”

Next, adopt an effective plan to eat a healthier diet, for instance, you can start having red meat once a month instead of every week, including more probiotics to your daily meals to decrease cravings and boost your mood, and eating more vegetables every day.

Also, when it comes to your guilty pleasures, don’t ever cut them once and for all but rather start by reducing your consumption little by little, and make sure to enjoy your cravings once or twice a month. We all know that no diet will ever survive if your tummy isn’t happy.

So, tell us what New Year’s resolutions you’re willing to make, and remember, New Year’s resolutions that you won’t keep are as good as no resolutions at all. Whatever new year wishes you have, make sure they come with a practical plan to make them last.

Cheers to Happiness and Health! Happy New Year 2020!



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