Wanna Lose Belly Fat? Here Are 7 Tricks To Burn It In ONE Day

belly fat
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Last Updated on April 8, 2021

Let me guess, you are always hesitating to start working out or dieting to start getting rid of your belly fat, right? But imagine being invited to a dream-invent or asked out to date suddenly, and you have only one day to look good in your dress/suit/the outfit you would be wearing. What would you do?  We have a few tricks under our sleeves that will help your tummy look flat in ONE day, we are not kidding! These health tricks will help you lose one kilo every day, so regardless of when you need to be looking flawless, we got you covered.

1. Ditch the white sugar

Processed sugar is the biggest sponsor of excess weight. So the first thing to do to lose belly fat is to eliminate your sugar intake as much as possible. If you can conquer that, then half the battle won!  When you take sugar excessively, glucose and fructose get converted into glycogen, which gets stored in fat tissue. In fact, visceral fat is caused by refined sugar. Switch to foods that contain natural sugars, like fruits. 

2. Add protein to your diet

Many people who are trying to lose weight tend to avoid protein. But the latter is one of the macronutrients that can fight against stubborn belly fat. So want to a flat tummy? Go boil that egg, chew on some almonds, and drink milk (almond milk if you are vegan)!  Giving your body enough protein will keep you satiated for a longer period of time, which will prevent you from constantly eating. 

3. Drink tea

If you are a tea lover, then this is your lucky day! Drinking green tea, peppermint tea, unfermented white tea, and oolong tea will definitely help you burn belly fat. These teas contain a type of natural phenol and antioxidant called catechins that speeds up your metabolism to burn fat faster. If you tend to work out regularly, then these teas will work even more efficiently. But being a couch potato will never stop you from benefiting from their superpowers.


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