This Is Why Your Urine Smells Weird


For most people going to the toilet to urinate is a straightforward task. They go in, go about their business as fast as possible and go out.

You’re part of that club as well; or you have been, until recently. During your last trip to the toilet, you might have wondered something akin to the following: Why does my urine smell like sulfur?

This is a somewhat common urine problem, and in this article, we are going to give you answers as to why your urine might smell bad. If you know the why, you’ll know how to remove urine smell. This issue, moreover, can sometimes be accompanied by frequent urination.

Keep reading the article to know why exactly there is a bad smell coming from your urine. Some of these cause can be serious, so make sure that you take a urinalysis test to help yourself remove urine smell.

#1 – Dehydration

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If you are not giving your body enough water, your urine will be affected and your nose will suffer from that—your urine will give out a foul odor; moreover, the color of your urine will be darker than it really should.

Therefore, you can easily eliminate urine smell in the bathroom, any bathroom that you go into, by simply giving your body more water. This means that you need to keep a bottle of water by your side at all times.

#2 – Something Weird Made it to Your Stomach

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If you consider asparagus weird, then yes! It is estimated that 40% of people who eat asparagus report a change in the smell of their urine. This effect is not limited to asparagus alone.

Other foods that will make you constantly smelling urine that is weird-smelling include the following: garlic, curry, onions, Brussels sprouts, alcohol, and coffee. These foods will not cause frequent urination in women, for example, the smell of their urine will be changed.

#3 – Too Much Coffee

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Drinking excess amounts of coffee will definitely make your urine smell weird. The reason behind this is related to the way in which coffee gets metabolized in your body.

After the coffee is broken down in the body, some compounds make their way to your bladed in order to be expelled from your body. These metabolites can cause your urine to smell weird. Therefore, you might want to decrease the rate at which you consume coffee.

#4 – Urinary Tract Infection

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A urinary tract infection, God forbid, can be the cause behind your foul-smelling urine. If your leaking urine smells like ammonia or has a somewhat sweet smell, then you could be suffering from urinary tract infection, and you need to get yourself checked at the doctor’s.

Such a smell is mostly produced by the bacteria that are responsible for the infection. Urinary tract infection, moreover, is one of the many frequent urination causes—if have that as well, make sure that you seek urinary tract infection treatment.

#5 – Diabetes or Pre-diabetes

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Diabetic people probably remember the days leading up to their diagnosis—they were kind of addicted to going to the bathroom. They could not get enough, and it was unwillingly pursued! Diabetes is one of the many frequent urination causes!

One of the signs that will tell you whether you have diabetes or not is the fact that your urine will smell kind of fruity, since your body in that condition will not be able to process sugars correctly and they will have to go out of your body through your urine.

#6 – Kidney Stones

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Your kidneys are responsible for filtering any toxins in your body and getting rid of them through urine. However, some of the compounds that go through your kidneys can become crystallized sometimes, which means that you end up developing kidney stones.

If you notice that your urine might be giving out a bad smell, then it could be due to some kidney stones trying to make their way out of your body. If you notice a foul smell, make sure that you take a kidney stone test and maybe prep yourself for a kidney stone surgery.

#7 – Genetic Disorder


Genetics play an important role in our bodies. Most of the time, we find that they are responsible for a lot of the disorders that an inflicted body manifests. Therefore, their contribution to foul-smelling urine cannot be ruled out.

A number of genetic disorders can be responsible for giving your urine a fishy or foul smell. One of these genetic disorders is called trimethylaminuria, which will cause your body (urine included) to release a foul-smelling odor.

#8 – Ovulation

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During ovulation time, your smell receptors will become more able to smell the urine. This will give you the impression that the smell of your urine has changed, which is not true.

This is all due to hormones due to hormones, which means that it will all go back to normal once you ovulation days are over. If you notice any such thing, do not be alarmed. Your nose will go back to smelling things the way it is supposed to in no time.

#9 – Pregnancy

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Pregnancy symptoms or signs of pregnancy are numerous; moreover, some women tend to exhibit some sings while others don’t. For example, one of the first signs of pregnancy, among others, could be foul-smelling urine.

Therefore, if you notice that you’ve started to feel nauseated and that you have strong-smelling urine (pregnancy here we come!), then that is when to take a pregnancy test!

#10 – Supplements

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Some of the supplements that you might be taking can e responsible for the change of smell you’ve noticed with your urine. Vitamins, for example, and some other forms of medication can cause your urine to start to smell weird.

If the change in your urine smell corresponds with when you started taking the supplements, then there’s no questioning the fact that they are behind the weird smell in your urine.

If you’re urinating a lot or if your urine has started to give off a weird smell, the cause for that might be one of the lot we’ve presented in this article. Make sure, therefore, that you take a urinalysis if you feel that it’s serious—and always stay safe.

Before we forget, why don’t you tell us in the comments below about your experience (if you’ve had one) with weird-smelling urine? What was the cause for that in your case?



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