This is What Your Nails Can Tell You about Your Health!


Women love to polish their nails—men, of course, are very into that—at nail salons and for good reason. They want them to look their best and be healthy. Some prefer to rock that natural nail color and others love to experiment with some nail colors.

Nevertheless, however well one treats one’s fingernails, problems are bound to happen with them. IF you notice any anomalous change in your fingernails, men and women alike, then that could be an indication of the status of your health.

What nails say about your health is not something to be taken lightly. Among the health problems that are associated with changes in nails, we find hepatitis C, lung disease, type 2 diabetes, skin cancer, and psoriasis.

The likelihood of you having this condition means that you to skip the polished nails at the nail salon and go to the doctor!

#1 – Your Thyroid Is Not Working As It Should

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If you notice that your nails have become dry and look brittle, you should not ignore them or try to fix their look. Rather, you have to undergo a thyroid test. Such a change in your nails is significant and is an indication of thyroid disease.

Make sure, therefore, that you make to the doctor’s as soon as possible and ask for a thyroid blood test. The test will tell you for sure whether you need to follow a thyroid treatment and get thyroid medication or not.

#2 – Your Lungs Are Not Okay

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As with your thyroid, a change in the appearance of your fingers could be an indication that you might have some sort of lung disease.

If you notice that your fingernails have started to grow into a curved shape that starts to grow around the fingertips, then you might have pulmonary disease, which will cause you to suffer some very annoying respiratory problems. Make sure that you go to a doctor if you notice such an anomaly with your nails!

#3 – Something is Wrong with Your Bowels

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The anomalous nail growth alluded to previously is not an indication of lung disease alone. It could also indicate that you might be suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Therefore, it is important that you get yourself checked for both lung disease and bowel disease.

If you suffer from the latter, you can start an inflammatory bowel disease treatment as soon as possible. The quicker you start any treatment the better the results.

#4 – You Suffer from Psoriasis

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Psoriasis is a condition that annoyingly plagues your skin. Moreover, sometimes it can develop and become nail psoriasis.

Therefore, if you notice any discoloration in your nails, such as a white, yellow, or brown discoloration, make sure that you get your fingernails checked at the doctor. Moreover, if you notice, for example, dents in the fingernails, then you need to get yourself checked and start a psoriasis treatment.

#5 – You Could be Suffering from Skin Cancer

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Skin cancer, or melanoma, could infiltrate under your fingernails—unfortunately. One of the signs of skin cancer that can occur under the fingernails is the presence of a brown, sometimes black, band in the nail.

The nails that will be affected the most are the thumb and the nail on the big toe. Make sure, therefore, that you get any such discoloration checked as your chances of effective treatment are better during the first stages of cancer.

#6 – Something is Wrong with Your Liver

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Hepatitis C liver disease and hepatitis B liver disease are, unfortunately, very common in the world. Both diseases are a type of chronic liver disease and are very dangerous.

These conditions can be identified through observing the fingernails, as they are known to cause changes in the latter. The most common change is the appearance of nail fungus. Therefore, if you notice this particular issue, make sure that you go to the doctor.

#7 – You Have Diabetes

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Changes in the appearance of nails could mean that you have problems with your blood sugar levels—that is, you might be suffering from Diabetes Type 1 or Diabetes Type 2.

Among the problem that diabetic people can have in their fingernails, we find nails that have become yellow, fragile, brittle, ridged, and sometimes thickened. Moreover, if you notice that the skin that exists around the nails has become red, then you might want to go check your sugar levels.

#8 – You Have Anemia

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Anemia means the absence of enough healthy blood cells, which are responsible for delivering oxygen to your tissues and organs, in your body. This means that your nails will become extremely pale.

As soon as you notice such a thing happening, make sure that you go to the doctor and ask for an anemia test. The test will allow you and the doctor to make sure about your condition. If it turns out that you do have anemia, then you have to start treatment and switch to an anemia diet.

#9 – Something is Wrong with Your Kidneys

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Trouble with your kidneys could cause your fingernails to display some changes. Look to see if your fingernails seem to be half-brown, -red, or -pink.

If you notice such a thing in your fingernails, that could mean that you are suffering from chronic kidney disease and you need to get your kidneys checked.

Failure at the level of your kidneys is not something to be taken lightly: all the toxins in your body go through the kidneys and out from your body in the form of urine.

#10 – You Might be Having Problems with Your Heart

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Heart problems are another thing that could cause a change in the appearance of your fingernails. Nails that have become blue are considered heart problem symptoms.

Aside from heart problems, moreover, blue nails could be an indication of lung issues, bacterial infections, among others. Make sure, therefore, that you get yourself checked; never ignore signs of heart problems or any other signs for that matter! Stay safe!

These have been 10 health conditions that your fingernails can tell you about. Be very attentive from now on to your nails and report to your doctor as soon as you notice something off. It could really be a matter of staying alive or kicking the bucket.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever noticed any changes in your nails.



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