This Is What Instagram Fitness Figures Don’t Want You To Know

This Is What Instagram Fitness Figures Don’t Want You To Know© Pinterest

Social Media has invaded our lives and homes in a way that was interesting, but now, it is becoming scary since most of the young generations are affected by everything they see and read on these apps, especially Instagram.

Instagram is an app where people share pictures, videos, and stories for their followers to see and “like”. There are some people who made Instagram a career by being famous models and fitness figures. However, most of their followers don’t know that these people’s pictures are most probably fake.

Since this app became a large marketplace, the majority of people started to elevate themselves from the crowd in order to look better and unique. So, they are using three main things: Steroids, fake weights, and of course, Photoshop.

The scary part about this whole thing is that their followers, especially teenagers, start to compare themselves to those fitness figures and end up losing their self-esteem, which leave them feeling horrible because they are not aware that those Instagram people are not THAT fit in real life.

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