Can Bad Teeth Kill You? 5 Scary Health Effects To Watch Out For!

can bad teeth kill you
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Last Updated on February 16, 2021

Can bad teeth kill you? Yes, they can. But don’t freak out just yet! Whether your genetics blessed you with the healthiest and strongest teeth ever or cursed you with teeth more susceptible to infections and bacteria, you have no valid excuse to give up your oral hygiene. In other words, both groups of people with good and bad genetics are at risk of developing bad teeth. For example, if you rarely visit your dentist, neglect your gums’ health, and give no importance to tooth decay or cavities you might be struggling with, then you have bad teeth, and one day they will cause you serious diseases and lead you early to the grave! Yes, you’ve read that right!! Bad teeth can give you scary diseases and might even kill you! Hence, you must be very diligent about your dental and oral hygiene. Go nowhere and check how can bad teeth kill you!

1. Heart Disease And Stroke

Neglecting your dental health and hygiene will not only affect your beautiful smile but your entire body. Studies found that periodontal diseases can lead bacteria and germs to enter your blood system through the gums. And that’s not everything! As a result, this will cause a more serious health issue, which is the infection and inflammation around the heart, plaque buildup, and clogged arteries. And of course, you know the rest!

2. Pregnancy and Birth complications

Unfortunately, both men and women tend to ignore their oral health. What’s even worse is that they completely ignore the consequences! Even if you have been gifted a beautiful set of teeth, you shouldn’t give up visiting your dentist now and then, especially if you are pregnant and willing to bring a baby to this world anytime soon. Gingivitis, or gingiva, as it’s also called, is the inflammation of the gums, and neglecting it can make you pay so dearly, especially if you are a pregnant woman. Gingivitis can cause infection and bacteria to travel from the mouth to the bloodstream and possibly reach the placenta and cause damage and inflammation. Consequently, this can result in preterm delivery, preeclampsia, low birth weight, and even pregnancy loss.


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