6 Unexpected Reasons Why Pizza Is Good For You

6 Unexpected Reasons Why Pizza Is Good For You© Pexels

Pizza has a bad reputation in the health industry because it is considered as the easy snack that we can grab all the time, especially at nights. But let’s be honest for a second; any meal consumed at night is not healthy. Plus, pizza is life, and we are here to prove that it is healthy for us!

According to Health Sciences Institutes in Baltimore, pizzas in Italy are completely different than the ones we make in the United States. Our pizzas have a thinner crust which means less empty calories.

In addition to that, both pizzas have a secret ingredient that helps our bodies fight diseases. Which means, my friend, that it is time to walk around guilt-free after binge eating it all night (maybe a little guilty, though!).

So, grab a slice, hold the pizza box tight, and click on Next to discover the
6 unexpected reasons why pizza is actually good for our health




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