This is Why a Banana Peel is Surprisingly Important

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Last Updated on October 20, 2020

This is Why a Banana Peel is Surprisingly Important(2)© Health Advice

Bananas don’t only taste great but also contain a huge amount of vitamins and potassium. Whether you ate the fruit as a snack or you blended it with your pre-workout smoothie, do not throw the peels just yet!

You can still benefit from their multiple uses to make your life better. It may sound weird, but the flesh of the banana is very nutritious!


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#1 – Sparkling Teeth

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Take 2 minutes every day after brushing your teeth and rub a banana peel on your teeth, and we assure you that your teeth will look whiter and healthier than before, whitening them professionally only costs more and results in weak teeth anyway.

The peels can remove the yellow stains from your teeth without wearing down your enamel because of the high levels of potassium, magnesium, and manganese. You will start noticing the difference within a week but expect a full result in the third week.

So simply just eat a banana and finish with rubbing the peel afterward (you can choose to brush your teeth after).

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#2 – Shining Shoes

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Not only your teeth, but your shoes can benefit from the peels too! Simply rub the peel on your shoes and let the potassium work its magic by removing all the dirt immediately. You can wipe out with a cloth after you are done. Also, the peels can clean and polish your fine silver!

The best part is that the peels can clean any of your classy high heels or your favorite leather shoes easily. So next time you don’t have time to visit a shoe shiner, you will have your solution right inside your kitchen.

After all, your dirty shoes will make you consume an extra banana in order to get shiny, and honestly, that’s a pretty good deal.

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#3 – Soothe Bug Bites

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Summer is surely a fun time, but mosquitoes always ruin it with their buzzing and annoying little bites. But again, the banana peels are here to save us! Just rub the area of the bite for a few minutes and it will immediately soothe down.

The little vampires are way smarter than we think because they inject us with a fluid that prevents any blood clots while they are filling up, the peels contain polysaccharides which have an anti-inflammatory effect on our body that helps cool down the itching and prevent swelling.

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#4 – Warts-free Skin

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Some people suffer every day from warts which are tiny flesh growth that show up on the face, neck, hands, and feet. These warts are treatable but you still can treat them naturally with the banana peels due to the high level of potassium that it contains.

Warts can be embarrassing and a little annoying, so gently rub the peel on them for 1-2 minutes and expect them to be gone and vanished completely within the second week. You can use it on your face with all confidence because it is completely skin-friendly, your children can benefit from it too especially on bruises by leaving the peel on them for 20-30 minutes.

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#5 – Treat Your Acne

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Instead of dealing with the zits by popping them and leaving a scar, just rub them with the banana peel and let its anti-inflammation and tissue healing power to work its magic on your face. Not only it will reduce the inflammation, but it will completely heal within three days.

Rub the peel for 5 minutes straight and then wash the affected area with warm water and clean it with a dry cloth. Make sure to repeat the process three times a day to rapid the healing process. Simply, you will gain a healthy and an acne-free skin in a couple of days only without using any chemical creams!

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#6 – Good Mood and Great Vision

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According to a research conducted in Taiwan, cooking with boiled banana peels can completely light up your mood and stabilize it, promoting the release of serotonin and dopamine that tremendously improve the mood.

Furthermore, the boiled banana peels can help improve your vision as well because they contain an antioxidant that strengthens the health of retinal tissue which is a light, sensitive layer of tissue and the inner coat of the eye. Boiling a banana peel is way cheaper and enjoyable than visiting the eye doctor anyway.

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#7 – Restore Scratched CDs

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Despite the fact that we are in the 21st century with all our advanced technology that holds all of our songs, films, and videos in one tiny device, some people still love to enjoy these things the old way by using a CD or DVD. And the banana peels are here to rescue the ones that are old and scratched completely.

Rub the white part of the peels on the back of the scratched CDs for about one minute, clean it with a glass cleaner and then voila! You can now enjoy watching your movies or playing your video games without any pausing or unpleasant skips.

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#8 – Beautiful Flowers

© It’s Not Work, It’s Gardening

The bugs in your garden don’t really like the banana peels so by putting them all over your garden, the little annoying bugs will get the message and leave. Meanwhile, your flowers will be appreciating the peel’s vitamins and calcium, and it will be nourishing on them all along!

Cut the peels into small pieces and place them close to the roots of your flowers, and enjoy watching them grow and thrive. By nourishing on the vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and many more, the flowers can take great advantages of what the peels can offer to nature. So instead of tossing those peels in the trash just put them in your garden and around your bushes.

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#9 – Grow Tomatoes

© Tomato Dirt

Not only the flowers love your banana peels, the tomatoes love them too! If you are considering growing some tomatoes in your garden, then you have to save the banana peels that will help you tremendously during that process.

After planting the tomatoes, wrap the peels around the stems you planted and give your tomatoes a good start to grow bigger and tastier. The tomatoes enjoy nourishing on the healthy vitamins and minerals that are found in the peels. When the tomatoes are a little more grown, you can roast some more peels and plant them in the soil.

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#10 – Moisturize Dry Skin

© Reader’s Digest

Skin dryness is an irritating problem, especially when the weather is harsh. But since you want to avoid the chemicals that many moisturizers and lotions have, try using a banana peel on the dry area for a better, safer, and healthier result.

Simply massage the affected area on your skin with the peels to moisturize it, and then clean it with a soft cloth. This method is considered safe for people who have eczema and psoriasis as well. So, next time, think twice before you throw a banana peel that may actually help you make your life easier and “softer”.

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  2. Avatar steve yesilcimen

    you don’t tell us what to do after boiling the banana peels.
    drink it rub it i don’t know?


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