Here Is Why Orange Peel Is Beneficial


How many times do end up throwing something and then realizing that it could have been quite beneficial? Well, it could have happened many times.

We have this tendency and attitude of consuming things only once or twice and then right to the trash bin. This is unfortunately how we think of many things around our household, inclusive of our foods.

Primitive people lived just fine thousands of years ago in the wilderness, feeding on veggies and fruits that grow around. They used to eat every single part of each fruit; they knew nothing about the ‘modern trash bin attitude’.

Well, maybe it is time to do the same thing. The fruits and veggies that you buy from the market are rich in all sorts of vitamins which don’t lie only in the cores but also in the peels. Let us consider orange peel as an example.

Big amounts of fruit acids and vitamin C exist beneath the peels of your oranges. In fact, the inner pulp is not even as rich as the peels in flavonoids and phytonutrients. Know more about this by reading this article.





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