8 Foods That Will Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

good night's sleep
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Last Updated on February 26, 2021

After a hard and long day of work, what you want is a good night of sleep. Or if you’re on vacation and spent the entire day walking through a new city or having lots of fun on the beach, you want a quiet and calm night to recharge your batteries for the next day. But sometimes, you go to bed and can’t start sleeping. Various reasons may cause this. You’re very tired – yes, being very tired can make it harder to fall asleep – you’re thinking about your problems, you’re too excited about something good that will happen, or drank too much coffee during your day. Do you know that if you eat some types of food, your sleep will come easier, you’ll fall asleep faster, and you’ll experience a deeper sleep? This is perfect, right? Especially if you are one of those people who likes to have a snack before going to bed. So, stay close and keep reading this article as I’ll tell you eight foods that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

1. Figs

This delicious fruit is the perfect food to help you sleep better and help you beat those dessert cravings you may feel after dinner. Figs are rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. All these minerals are important for something that will help you fall asleep faster: muscle contraction and blood flow. More than this, figs are also rich in fiber. This means you’ll feel full eating less.

2. Sweet potato toast

You like a hot treat before going to bed? Forget about hotcakes or hot pies and food like that. If you have sweet potato at home, I truly recommend you always have – pick two small or one medium, smash it, put some salt on it, and make a toast with it. Just like figs, sweet potato is rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which will help your body to relax and your mind to travel to dream’s land. 

3. Pistachios

Who would say that those crunchy little things are perfect for helping you sleep better? But it’s true. Rich in magnesium – that we already know that helps to fall asleep -, vitamin B6 and protein, this is the perfect snack before going to bed. But bear in mind that you don’t need to eat an entire bowl, or you’ll end up ingesting too much protein, and that can keep you awake. Like in everything, find that middle-term between “I’m full/I could eat some more.”


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