This Is Why Sleeping With Makeup Could Make You Blind


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Theresa admitted that she never cleaned her mascara before bed for almost 25 years old, which lead the mascara fragments to end up inside her eyelids. Blinking was also an issue because it caused the mascara to rub the surface of her eyes repeatedly, therefore, putting them in danger.

Each fragment was able to cause a scratch that becomes an infection in the course of time, which means Theresa was at risk of going blind, permanently. So Dr. Dana Robaei, an ophthalmic surgeon, rushed her to surgery to remove the odd material deposited under her eyelids, and the procedure took 90 minutes.

The danger was gone, but Theresa Lynch still had to face a few outcomes from her long-term, unhealthy habit. She has to suffer, every day, from scars on the surface of her cornea and her eyelid. She described the pain as someone tossing a handful of sand directly into your eyes – it is very irritating.

Moreover, the founder of the Clear Clinic in New York City, Dr. Eric Schweiger explained that products like eyeliner and mascara can easily end up inside the eyes due to the constant rubbing between the eyes and the pillow during sleep. It can also lead to clogging of the oil glands and the tiny hair follicles on your eyelids, causing bacteria to build up, and therefore, dangerous inflammation.





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