This is What Your Tongue Can Say About Your Health

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Like other parts of your body, your tongue can tell quite a lot about your health! In fact, it can surprisingly predict how healthy you are and whether you are struggling with any health issues or diseases.

For instance, the color of your tongue can reveal some hidden and unexpected issues. However, keep in mind that your tongue can exhibit many other signs through which it communicates what might be going wrong inside!

Hence, it is extremely important to pay attention to the signs that your body is constantly sending before it becomes hard to control and treat the health issue.

#1 – A Strawberry Red Color

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You might be fooled and think that your shiny and strawberry red tongue is a sign of a healthy body but the truth is it’s not! In fact, this means that you have to see a doctor as soon as possible and that’s because this tongue color can indicate iron deficiency or vitamin b12 deficiency.

Therefore, make sure you call your doctor and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Otherwise, your tongue will get smoother and in some serious cases, you might also experience some pain when drinking hot beverages or eating spicy foods.

#2 – Black Or Brown Plaque

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A black or brown tongue usually indicates lack of proper oral hygiene, excessive consumption of caffeine, or even smoking! People whose tongues are black or brown are more likely to develop bad breath and experience some taste anomalies.

So, if you are one of these people, worry not as this issue can be easily solved! All you are required to do is quit the bad habits and brush your teeth and your tongue regularly and it’s preferable if you do it after each and every meal!

#3 – A lot of white Plaque

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Having a lot of white plaque covering your tongue shouldn’t be ignored as it can indicate a yeast infection or even candidiasis. The latter only occurs when Candida albicans grows excessively and it can be due to many factors including the use of some antibiotics, a weak immune system, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.

It’s is extremely important to see a doctor as soon as possible to figure out the true reason behind this issue and fix it!

#4 – Furrowed Tongue

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This might be really surprising but a furrowed tongue can be a sign of aging! Yes, you read it right as the tongue can age too! Usually, these cracks cause no threat to your health but if you don’t brush your teeth properly, you might leave room for bacteria to grow and develop right in the crack.

For instance, fungal infection is very common in these cases and can cause severe pain and burning! However, the issue can be solved with the use of special medication.

#5 – Small White Spots On The Tongue

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White spots on the tongue can indicate an irritation at the level of the skin! For instance, a tooth that constantly rubs on the tongue can lead to this issue. However, sometimes, the white spots on the tongue can occur as a result of increased production of cells.

This means that if the white spots don’t disappear in a few weeks, you might consider seeing a doctor very soon and have the necessary tests done.

#6 – Red Spots and Blisters

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We have no intention to freak you out but the appearance of red spots and Blisters on the tongue can be a sign of a very serious disease such as tongue cancer. So, when the blisters and the red spots take too much time to heal or just don’t seem like disappearing, seek your doctor as soon as possible!

#7 – A Burning Sensation

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This issue is very common and can occur as a result of substantial hormonal changes and women who are going through menopause can totally relate! This issue can equally occur as a result of other factors such as using the wrong toothpaste! So, if you have this issue, don’t hesitate to see a doctor soon!

#8 – Bumps And Dimples

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As long as these bumps and dimples are not painful, you have nothing to worry about! However, if these bumps and dimples don’t seem to go away, you might need to take a trip to the doctor to see if everything is okay!

#9 – Painful Sores

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Painful sores are most of the time a sign of oral thrush. The latter is a disease that is more common in children than adults. In fact, only 20% of adults get it and that’s due to stress and weak immune system related issues. Normally, the sores can last no longer than 2 weeks but if they last more than that, consider visiting a doctor soon!



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