This is What You Need to Know about Chemotherapy and its Effects

You’ve probably been told that chemotherapy was prosperous in treating your cancer and that you are now free to live and enjoy your life. But what happens when the chemotherapy side effects stay with you?

Chemo drugs are extremely toxic, even at ordinary therapeutic doses. Lack of appetite, mood swings, malabsorption of nutrients, loss of energy, neuropathy, muscle weakness, and brain fog are only a few common chemotherapy side effects which persist for years or even a lifetime after chemotherapy.

The chemical mixture in these treatments often results in greater emotional, psychological, and physical struggles than the original tumor itself. So detoxifying the body from the immense toxic buildup of chemicals from chemo is crucial to recovery.

This is What You Need to Know about Chemotherapy and its Effects©
Click through the slides to reveal some great detox strategies, but first
let’s know more about what chemo does to the body




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