This Is The Key To Relaxation In Few Minutes

©Alka Dhillon

Yoga is indeed the unique philosophy and practice which fought time and throve to survive. It is the philosophy that traveled through the sea waves and crossed the oceans all the way from India to the rest of the world.

Yoga might be born in India, but its magic traveled to all parts of the globe. Nowadays, yoga is the number one practice needed to clear the mind. It consists of sitting in a quiet spot, even a mountain top if possible, and perform specific relaxation breathing techniques.

The relaxation breathing exercises aim at bringing out the negative energy and taking in the positive new energy. Some therapists recommend breathing exercises to reduce anxiety and stress as well.

There are other breathing techniques for running and similar activities, but the light will be, in this article, shed on how to breathe, to relax and feel inner peace in the lap of your home. So let us discover more about the best breathing exercises.





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