The 6 Dangerous Risks Of Prolonged Sitting

The 6 Dangerous Risks Of Prolonged Sitting
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Last Updated on April 6, 2021

Do you work where you have to sit for a long time? We don’t want to scare you, but did anyone tell you before about the dangers of prolonged sitting? Yes, they are bad. It’s scary. If you want to increase your chances to live a longer, healthier life, you will have to start doing more walking and less sitting. Prolonged sitting doesn’t only risk your life but also exposes you to many mental and health issues.  Humans were built to stand upright and remain active, so when you don’t do it, here is what will happen to your body.

1. Gluteals and legs

 Prolonged sitting can lead to the weakening of the muscles of your legs (including your bum). These large muscles are made for walking and being active, so when you strip them from their purpose, they will eventually become weaker. Did you ever find yourself tripping so easily or injuring your leg muscles quickly? Perhaps you are sitting a little too much, and you need to start moving.

2. Weight gain

As you move around, you will be digesting the sugars you consume. Their purpose is to give you energy, anyway. But prolonged sitting will only keep everything you eat undigested well, which will turn all the sugar into fat form.  Working out will still not be enough if you spend the majority of your day sitting. You will still be faced with many health risks, like metabolic syndrome. To guarantee better health, you need to do moderate-intensity activity 60-75 minutes every day to combat prolonged sitting dangers.

3. Back and hips

Same as your leg muscles, your hips and back can’t handle prolonged sitting. You will be dealing with many hip joints issues because sitting causes the hip flexor muscles to shorten.  Moreover, sitting too much can cause poor posture and many issues with your back to the point it will become difficult to stand up or walk. Poor posture can lead to poor spine health, like compression in the discs, which can be extremely painful.

4. Heart disease

According to a study, prolonged sitting can lead to heart diseases. In fact, they found that men who sit in front of a TV for more than 23 hours every day have a 64% higher risk of dying due to cardiovascular disease more than those who watch only for 11 hours a week. Also, people who are inactive and spend most of their time sitting have a 147% higher risk of dealing with a stroke or heart attack.


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