Here Are The 7 Dangerous Effects Of Carrying A Heavy Backpack


In the outset of every school season, many parents struggle with their kids’ schooling budget, ranging from school fees, school uniforms to all other required tools.

Kids do not seem to care much about how much their daddies and mummies would pay for a Gucci backpack, a Jansport backpack, an Adidas backpack, or any other cool backpacks from well-known and expensive brands.

Despite the good quality of these backpacks, children would start complaining about their back pain in just few days. The question that must be lingering in your mind now is why. Basically, heavy-duty backpacks for school would trigger terrible backaches that might last for days and weeks.

Seemingly, it is not just kids who would suffer from this, adults who carry also heavy-duty backpacks would get their share of lower back pain and upper back pain.

The fact that the weight of the carried backpack exceeds the weight of the person carrying it stimulates the increase of back pain chances. So how would carrying heavy Vans backpacks affect your body? Let us find out!




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