Here Are the 6 Exercises That Will Make You Feel 20 Again If You’re Over 40!


Exercise should always be a part of your lifestyle, whether you are a teenager, young adult, or middle-aged man or woman.

Not only does regular workout give you energy, help you lose more pounds, keep your weight in check, reduce the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease, but it also strengthens and keeps your bones healthy.

Our bone mass reaches its peak when we’re between 25 and 30 years of age, and by 40 we start to slowly lose bone density and become prone to developing conditions like osteopenia and osteoporosis disease, in which the bone mineral density drops below the normal level, resulting in weakness, muscle pain, and fragile bones that can easily break.

If you’re above 40, you shouldn’t worry too much about that happening to you if you follow these 6 exercises, which will help slow down bone loss and make you feel and look younger!

#1 – Walk, walk, and walk

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Walking is not only a form of recreation but also an excellent cardio exercise that improves your overall health.

Only 10 minutes of daily brisk walking can do wonders for you; it strengthens your muscles and bones and slows down bone loss, improves your balance and the health of your heart and lung, reduces the risk of stroke, and helps you maintain your youthful aura and appearance!

It is recommended for older adults to walk 20 minutes a day, five days per week. Performing moderate-intensity aerobic exercise is also advisable.

So slip into a comfortable pair of shoes and get moving! The more you walk, the more you’ll feel younger and lighter on your feet.

#2 – The superman pose


This yoga pose stretches the muscles of your legs, lower back, arms, chest, and shoulders, and prevents arthritis in which your joints become stiff and swollen and give you pain.

Here is how to do the superman pose:

Lie on your stomach with your toes flat on an exercise mat or comfortable surface, reach your arms out in front of you and keep your legs straight together. Then, slowly raise your arms and legs while keeping your belly and thighs on the mat to look like a flying superman!

Hold this position for about 10 seconds and slowly lower your body to rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this 10 times and you’ll get the 10/10 results!

The superman pose will relieve you from back pain and make you feel rejuvenated.

#3 – Bridge exercise

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The bridge exercise pose is another yoga pose that is excellent for your spine, tendons, abdominal, lower back, hip, and thigh muscles.

To do the bridge exercise, lie flat on your back with shoulders and arms pressed against the floor and slowly start to raise your hips. Remain in this position for 3 or 5 seconds. Next, lower your body on your heels to rest, and repeat.

Integrate the bridge exercise into your daily exercise routine and you’ll quickly note the difference. If you suffer from back pain, this exercise will rid you of it and help keep your posture healthy.

#4 – Rounded shoulders exercise

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Rounded shoulders are the precursors of poor posture. This condition disrupts the normal function of the back, shoulders, and neck, puts pressure on your spine, and leads to back and shoulder blade pain.
Some of the causes of rounded shoulders include slouching, sitting for extended periods of time, sleeping in the fetal position, etc.
The following exercises will help you avoid rounded shoulders:

Sit with your back straight and legs crossed, have a partner sit behind you and place their feet on the lower part of your back with their legs straight, and pull your arms gently while moving their feet up your back until they reach the upper part of your spine.

Your partner should repeat the movement five times, from your lower back to your upper back.

Or, you can do the wall slide exercise by placing your back flat against the wall with shoulders straight and arms stretched up on either side of your head. Slowly bend your knees at a 45-degree angle and start sliding your back down and up the wall.

Following these exercises after a long day sitting at your desk at work will help you both avoid and fix rounded shoulders.

#5 – Jump rope

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Jump roping is a simple exercise but it can work magic for your body; it protects bone density, improves your lung capacity and cardiovascular health.

If you’re a beginner and want to try jump roping, avoid cheap plastic ropes and use weighted jump ropes to get quality results.

After a good warm-up session, grab both ends of the rope and start passing the arched rope below your feet as you jump. Do 10 to 15 jumps while increasing the speed. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat.

Jump roping will also improve your coordination and spatial awareness.

#6 – Cycling

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Cycling, or bike riding, is easily one of the best anti-aging exercises that improve your cardiovascular health, reduces joint strain, and even prevents osteoporosis.

Many studies have shown that cycling slows down the aging process and keep you fit. However, you should do it in moderation or you will risk losing more bone density.

Ideally, you should cycle or turbo-train three times for 30 minutes.

Cycling is also perfect for seniors as it keeps testosterone levels stable, improves cholesterol levels, and keeps their weight in check.

All the aforementioned exercises will make you feel younger than ever, help keep your heart healthy, bones strong, and spine straight, etc.

On a side note, you should avoid some exercises like intense cardio, leg press, squats, lat pulldowns, and crunches if you’re above 40 and never followed a workout routine in your younger days. Such exercises, especially if done improperly may cause muscle tear and spinal fracture to an older adult.

Remember to stay fit and young!



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