6 Household Items You Should Throw Away Immediately

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Last Updated on January 31, 2021

Usually, we end up forgetting about certain household items that need to be replaced. Following all, we have the floor to clean, the laundry to do, food to cook, and many other house chores that, in our minds, is more important than replacing a simple toothbrush. But the thing is, some of these items end up accumulating a lot of dirt and germs, and guess what? They won’t stay on that specific item. They’ll end up being spread around the house and on to you, your kids, and pets! This is why we came up with a list of some very important household items you should get rid of right now to keep your house clean so you can become the healthiest version of yourself. So, without any further ado, let’s hop right into it!

1. Your kitchen sponge

Even if you own a dishwasher machine, it’s very common to also have a kitchen sponge around the kitchen sink to wash a dish or two. In any case, if we asked you how long have you had the same kitchen sponge, your answer would probably be for a long time, or maybe you don’t even remember how long you’ve had the same sponge. If you don’t want to spread salmonella all over your dishes and possibly contract a bacterial infection, please consider replacing your sponge every now and then. It’s advisable to switch sponges every week if you use them a lot. If not, every two weeks. You can also buy a silicone scrubber, it’s easier to clean and disinfect, and you’ll end up saving more money over time.

2. Shower loofah

From one sponge to another, a loofah is not meant to last a lifetime. In fact, it’s not even meant to last a year! Because of the moist environment loofahs usually stay in, they tend to harbor even more bacteria. And of course, you don’t want to scrub your body with bacteria, right? Besides that, loofahs tend to lose shape over time, so they won’t do their job correctly after a couple of months. Fortunately, they’re not expensive items; dollar stores even sell a five loofah pack for one dollar, which would last you about a year.


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