10 Surprising Ways You Are Accidentally Poisoning Your Home

#1 – The Danger Of New Carpet Fumes

Hard-surfaced flooring and dry rugs should always be the first choice for your home. But if the coziness and aesthetics of a carpet are really needed, there are some things you should be aware of.

A carpet is composed of both synthetic and natural fibers (mainly nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and wool). The American Lung Association alerts that nowadays, a vast amount of carpets, carpet pads, and the adhesives used to install them contain chemicals and glues made with VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

These are a combination of toxic chemicals that can seriously affect the air quality of your house. When exposed to an elevated quantity of these chemicals, you may experience nasal and eye irritation, neurological effects, and an increased risk of asthma or allergies.

So, make sure to opt for a carpet that releases low amounts of VOC, request that it is aired in a ventilated area prior to the installation (without the use of toxic glues!), and vacuum it at least three times a week.



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