10 Cancer-Causing Foods You Need To Avoid

Hot Beverages

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Although you might enjoy a really hot beverage every now and then, your health will not. Hot beverages over 65 degrees are causes of cancer. The main risk they pose is to your esophagus.

In one study done in South America, it has been found that really hot mate drinking has led to esophagus cancer in men and women. Keep your throat healthy and avoid drinking beverages at very hot temperatures.


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Genetically modified organisms were going to bring about a save from a lot of our food problems. And they might just do that – in time. At the moment, they are causing a great deal of confusion when it comes to our health. They are turning out to be possible carcinogenic foods that we don’t need or want.

However, the studies aren’t fully clear. Until we find out for sure, it might be best to stick with foods that have not been genetically modified.

Staying away from these 10 cancer-causing foods you probably eat every day will help you feel much healthier. Canned foods, smoked foods, pickles, artificial sweeteners and the rest can be easily avoided. Be good to yourself and start eating healthy now!



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