7 Common Daily Habits That Kill Your Hair

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Last Updated on April 11, 2021

When you noticed that your hair is a little too damaged than ever, did you wonder if some daily habit is the reason?  Regardless of how carefully you choose your shampoo and how expensive the conditioner is, if you are not taking good care of your hair or not doing some of your daily habits anymore, you will be scarily losing your hair.  The mistakes that could cost your hair might seem so innocent, but they are easy to make and have long-lasting effects on your hair. So, to be aware, we collected 7 common, everyday hair habits that everyone does that damage the hair.

1. You eat tuna

Yes, eating tuna will kill your hair! Tuna is known to be very nutritious and is a great source of many important elements. But it also contains mercury, which is a toxic heavy metal that can lead to serious health issues.  Many health experts suggest eating tuna in moderation, but if eating it is one of your daily habits, then maybe that’s the reason why your hair is shedding. In fact, according to a study, mercury can cause sudden-onset hair shedding! 

2. You are wearing wool

Is it wintertime where you are living right now? If you want to keep yourself warm and protect your hair at the same time, maybe you want to avoid wool coats for awhile.  This material builds up static electricity, which leads your hair to cling to it, and that’s what causes hair breakage. It gets worse when your hair is wet (due to the rain), which makes it more fragile, thus, more and easy breakage. So, if wearing wool is a daily habit of yours, then perhaps look into other coat materials. 

3. You dry your hair with a towel or blowdryer

The majority of people wrap their heads with a towel, turban-style, after showering to help it dry. And those with busy lives tend to dry it in minutes with a blowdryer. Both these options are going to damage your hair, cause breakage and split ends.


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