6 Unexpected Body Parts That Can Tell Your Age

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Last Updated on April 7, 2021

When you are busy living your life, you rarely notice that time has passed you by and you are getting older. Till one day, you notice some of your body parts aren’t looking the same as the last time you checked. Aging is a gradual process and it’s basically a package deal; everything will be looking older. But a few body parts age less gracefully than others, which will give away your real age. Sometimes, you may even be younger than the age your body parts are claiming. In this case, just blame yourself for not drinking enough water! Keep on reading for more details.

1. Your hands

One of the most significant signs you are getting old is having rough, spotted hands. Regardless of how youthful your face looks, your hands will quickly give away your age. The reason is you are constantly using them for many (or every!) tasks, which strip their skin from all the moisture and elasticity they need for a younger appearance. However, you can do a few things to delay hands aging, and it’s by moisturizing as much as possible throughout the day, especially at night and after using chemicals (like dish soap, etc.). You can apply coconut oil or cocoa butter to these body parts to prevent early lines and cracks.

2. Your neck

When showering or washing your face, do you remember exfoliating or cleansing your neck? This body part can actually make you look older than your age, which is why you must be paying more attention to it. It’s easy, just extend your skincare routine to your neck to keep it firm and young. But generally speaking, you could never prevent your neck from sagging entirely, but you can still reduce the damage and encourage the skin’s elasticity, hydration, and collagen production. Also, sunscreen! Apply and re-apply daily because not only your face needs protection from the UV rays.

3. Your chest

A wrinkly, age-spotted chest can easily betray a youthful face. By being exposed to a lot of sunshine and very little hydration, your chest would develop lots of lines, leathery texture, and blemishes. Only a few people would be lucky to get away with tanning without getting freckles. The skin on your chest is thinner than the rest of your body, so whether you already started to see signs of aging on this body part or not, you can start using a gentle exfoliant to remove all the dead skin and help it absorb more moisture.


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