6 Scary Side Effects Of Weight Loss Pills You Shouldn’t Ignore!


What are weight loss pills?

Weight loss pills are products that you add to your diet to promote weight loss and help you achieve your goals. Their properties can vary and act in different ways. Because they are dietary supplements, most weight loss pills don’t need FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) approval before hitting the market.

This in itself poses a major risk to consumers’ health, because a dangerous diet pill may go unnoticed for several weeks before the first adverse reaction is reported and properly investigated by the FDA. Several weight loss products were banned over the last decades.

There is a wide variety of weight loss supplements, available in all forms (it’s not just pills, you can find weight-loss teas, liquids, and powders) and with different promises. They prevent fat absorption, slow down body fat production, speed up the metabolism, and reduce appetite. You will find them everywhere, usually involved in a very appealing packaging with an ambitious promise of weight loss stamped somewhere.

Dangers of weight loss pills:



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