10 of the Healthiest Greens You Need to Add to Your Diet Now

More and more individuals have started to look beyond handling health problems with either drugs or surgery. Instead, they’re working on adopting the type of healthy lifestyle that can help them avoid getting sick in the first place. For most people, this strategy involves trying to exercise regularly and eat better.

But what does ‘eat better’ mean? Well, a smart first step is to avoid processed and fast foods that promote disease, and rather eat more green foods that help keep health problems away.

Fortunately, there many green options you can choose from, each with its own set of amazing health benefits that have been validated both historically and scientifically.
One of the easiest ways to meet your daily intake of healthy greens is making homemade juices or smoothies.

10 of the Healthiest Greens You Need to Add to Your Diet Now© advicesinhealth.com
Here are 10 of the best nutrient-dense green foods that will
make you add some greens to your diet




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