10 Foods you Should not Store in Your Refrigerator

Some food products keep a much better nutritional and taste quality if they are not kept in the fridge.

Don’t put anything and everything in the fridge, this machine invented in 1876 by Carl von Linde. You may think you are resourceful, think that you are saving and avoiding waste by extending the life of some of your food products (you are to some extent). But in reality, you are only making their taste execrable and even inedible.

advicesinhealth.com lists 10 foods that are not to be kept in the fridge or that will lose quality if they were put in it and suggests how to better maintain them.

You should not refrigerate the following products because they will lose a lot in quality. Food safety will not be compromised, but the character, texture and/or taste of these foods will be negatively affected by the cold. In the case of tomatoes or potatoes, we even think that they become inedible after being stored in the refrigerator.

10 Foods you Should not Store in Your Refrigerator© Insider

Foods that should not be kept cold:



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