This Is What Your Toilet Habits Can Reveal

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The number of trips you take to the restroom can reveal quite a lot about your health! Hence, it is important to bring this embarrassing issue to the table to be fully aware of how good or how bad are the functioning of your bowel and bladder! And what are the red flags that you should never ignore!

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Dr. Everlyn, who is an Australian GP, said that people with a normal bladder function will feel the need to head to the restroom and empty their bladder between 4 to 10 times a day but on average nature might call six to seven times a day every 24 hours.

However, this number can vary from one person to another depending on many factors, including your age, whether you are pregnant or taking any medications in addition to the types of fluids you are consuming during the day. So, all of these can actually affect your toilet habits!

Dr.Everlyn also said that having a weak bladder can also be one of the biggest factors that can affect your toilet habit. Say, if you immediately go the toilet to empty your bladder once you feel the need of doing so, you will automatically pass more urine a day than someone who is training their bladder to hold the fluid for some time before emptying!

Hence, it would be wise not to immediately respond to the call of nature and hold your urine a bit before you finally head to the restroom. This way, you make your bladder stronger and train it to hold the fluid.

In fact, Dr. Lewin strongly recommends that you try to hold it for 5 minutes and step by step you can train your bladder to hold the urine for longer periods. For better results and better training, you’d better seek a women’s physiotherapist that will help you build a stronger bladder.

The doctor also adds saying that taking too many trips to the toilet along with a constant feeling of thirst can be a sign of many hidden health issues including diabetes.

Also, if you tend to go too frequently to the toilet and even experience a burning sensation, this might indicate a urinary tract infection that shouldn’t be left untreated especially if the urine had blood in it and was cloudy!

When it comes to bowels, Dr. Lewin says that everyone is different. While some people open their bowels once a day, others might do it twice. There are some exceptions where people can actually go only once or twice a week!

Here are Three Popular Health Myths Revealed

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You need to drink 8 Glasses of water a day: According to Gabrielle Maston who is an Australian dietitian, there is no scientific evidence that supports this. However, it is important to drink enough water and stay well-hydrated during the day!

Feeling or Being Cold doesn’t necessarily make you catch cold: The cold or low temperature your body feels has in fact very little to do with the possibility of catching a cold or flu.

It is the cold viruses known as ‘’rhinoviruses’’ that causes our sickness and which we tend to catch through physical contact or by sharing an enclosed space with infected people.

Eating eggs is bad for the heart health: We all know that there was a long and old debate in the past about the consumption of eggs where eating them was associated with high levels of blood cholesterol.

New evidence comes to show that there is definitely no single evidence that proves that the consumption of eggs is related to cholesterol imbalance, heart issues, and type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Lewin said that any changes in the number of trips you take to the restroom, it could mean that you might have constipation. Hence, to treat the issue, opt for foods rich and high in fiber, eat more vegetables and whole grains, exercise more and of course, drink plenty and enough water!

Apart from all this, bowel movements can sometimes predict many health issues, such as heart problems, infections, hemorrhoids if the stool contains blood and many other concerning issues!

Hence, once you notice one of these symptoms, hesitate not to visit your doctor for a checkup!



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