This Is What Your Eyes Can Reveal About Your Health

This Is What Your Eyes Can Reveal About Your Health© Pinterest

Your eyes are your windows to the soul! They are precious and keeping them healthy, safe and sound should be your priority. In fact, your eyes’ health can greatly influence the quality of your life. Therefore, make sure you take good care of them and neglect not the signs!

It’s true that sometimes one might experience some unpleasant sensations in the eyes due to stress and fatigue, but there are some signs that can be hardly ignored.

All you need is to take a look in the mirror and your eyes will reveal the whole story!

#1 – A White Visible Spot On The Corner Of The Eyes

A White Visible Spot On The Corner Of The Eyes

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This white spot is more common among people who wear contact lenses. These people develop this white spot on the corner of their eyes due to constantly and regularly wearing contact lenses for long hours of the day and sometimes even at night or because they tend to wear lenses with an expired shelf life.

However, what’s important to know is that this white spot can reveal a corneal infection that can rapidly develop into a corneal ulcer. Hence, to avoid such serious health issues, you’d better seek your doctor’s help as soon as you detect the white spot.

#2 – A White Circle Around The Iris Of The Eyes

A White Circle Around The Iris Of The Eyes

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If you are starting to have wrinkles and your hair is growing grey, then, you don’t have to worry much about this white circle as most of the times, it is nothing but a sign of aging. However, if you are far from being old and grey, then you must not neglect it.

Instead, you should directly pick up the phone and arrange an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible! A white circle around the iris can reveal scary health complications such as high cholesterol and triglycerides levels, which in return may put you at higher risks of developing a stroke or a heart attack.

#3 – Red Eyes

Red Eyes

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The redness in your eyes can occur for many different reasons, including sun exposure, insufficient sleep, prolonged computer exposure, and more! But, if the redness starts to occur often without a specific reason, then, you definitely shouldn’t ignore the sign and seek your doctor to find out the true causes.

Normally, redness can be a sign of increased intraocular pressure, high intracranial pressure, and diabetes.

#4 – Dry eyes

Dry eyes

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Having dry eyes is one of the most uncomfortable experiences you can ever go through. Your eyes become extremely sensitive and itchy causing you to rub your eyes constantly and excessively hoping to relieve the uncomfortable sensation.

In case, you are experiencing this symptom, it could be because of a seasonal allergy, but if these symptoms come with an increased sensitivity to light, you might be suffering from a very rare immune system disorder that is known as Sjogren’s syndrome.

In both cases, you must visit your doctor as soon as possible as the constant rubbing can damage the delicate skin around the eyes and even lead to the formation of wrinkles and the sagging of the eyelid.

#5 – Swollen red eyes

Swollen red eyes

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Swollen red eyes can be really confusing symptoms as people would most of the time think that they are having an infection. The truth is that these symptoms occur due to fatigue and lack of sleep.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect your eyes and do nothing about this issue. Try to have some sleep, relax, and see if the symptoms disappear. In case they don’t, seek your doctor’s help as soon as possible!

#6 – A-Yellowish Spot Near The Iris

A--Yellowish Spot Near The Iris

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Pinguecula is a yellowish bump that appears on the eye white. The latter indicates the aging of the conjunctiva that’s why it’s more common in elderly people.

Pinguecula is also found to occur as a result of excessive exposure to the sun and to the harmful UV rays. However, should you not worry as this innocuous growth won’t have any side effects on your vision. Still, you need to see your eye doctor and see what possible treatment is right for you!

#7 – Involuntary tears

Involuntary tears

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Involuntary tears can indicate that your eyes are dry and need to be treated! We know that this might seem really confusing but it’s true. Normally, this health condition is more common in people who spend hours watching television or surfing the net. In fact, the eyes try to make up for the lack of moisture and therefore involuntarily shed tears.

However, when it becomes harder for you to control one eye or even close it, this might reveal a paralysis of the nerve that occurred as a result of a viral infection. Waste not your time and directly seek your doctor for a check-up!

#8 – Blurred vision

Blurred vision

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If you think that Myopia is the only reason for the blurred vision, then, you need to change your mind. This condition can be an indicator of other serious health issues such as diabetes and even cataracts, especially if the blurriness is accompanied with glares and halos around the light sources.

#9 – Yellow Eye Whites

Yellow Eye Whites

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This is really a dangerous sign and once it appears on you, you must directly see an eye doctor or your doctor. Keep in your mind that we are definitely not exaggerating!

yellow eye whites can clearly indicate a dysfunction or a decrease in the function of the liver, which is an important organ in the body that is responsible for flushing out the toxins and many other important operations.

In most of the cases, the yellowness of the eye white can be the main sign of Hepatitis!

#10 – Disappearing Image Of The Visual Field

Disappearing Image Of The Visual Field

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If this happens too often, then, you might be suffering from an eye migraine. This health condition, unfortunately, remains mysterious and still, no one was able to provide a precise explanation of its occurrence. Hence, no treatment is found to treat this uncomfortable and painful health issue.

It usually comes with terrible, splitting headaches due to cerebral circulatory disorders and people with such health condition have no choice but to try to relax and maybe take some aspirins even if this never seems to be really useful!



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