This Is What You Should Not Do Before Bed Time

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How often do you end up in bed, tossing and turning until it is already morning, bombarded by one question ‘why for God sake cannot I sleep like a normal person?’? Luckily, you are not the only one who is facing this dilemma.

If you are to ask us about how to sleep well, we would advise you to assess your pre-bedtime habits. The secret of how to sleep well at night and wake up active the next morning is all about what you do before you turn off the bedroom’ s lights.

Insomnia is the lack of healthy sleep hours; the average of which is 8 hours per day. Some people might spend hours and hours, digging for health sleep tips, but they eventually end up not considering them.

Well, this is a waste of time! You need to take your sleep issues seriously, for your overall system gets affected by the lack of sleep. Healthy sleep aids cannot do the whole work alone, your pre-sleep habits need some fixing too. Well, let us guide you more with regards to this!

#1 – Checking anything with screens (phones, laptops…)

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The core of how to relax and sleep well is not just about taking healthy sleep aids, it is more about forgetting about your Samsung or Apple smartphones, which you have been using all day long before you go to bed.

If you think that the sue of your tech gadgets will help you fall asleep, then you are wrong. The blue light coming out of the screens of such devices alerts the mind to remain active and awake. This is how the secretion of the sleep hormone, melatonin; is suppressed; therefore, the regulation of your sleep cycle is disturbed.

#2 – Watching TV or movies


After a long and exhausting day at work, you would probably think of taking a hot bath and watch a nice Christmas movie on Hallmark.

You get tempted by the fact that you can watch movies online free which is a nice break-time-activity, but surely not at night and before bedtime; otherwise, you will be spending the night EYES OPEN.

If you want movies to watch, postpone the whole thing for the next day. In fact, you should lock out any electronic and electrical device of the bedroom.

The latter is a space of resting, not a cinema where there are some good movies to watch. You might feel relaxed while watching TV in bed, but you are actually urging your mind to stay awake.

#3 – Staring at the clock

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Tic Toc, Tic Toc… Such a disturbing sound! When silence conquers all at night, especially if you live in a quiet neighborhood, all that you can hear is the clock ticking, and maybe some dogs barking.

Sometimes, you’d go to bed and keep staring at the clock, wondering ‘when am I going to fall asleep?’. The bad news is that this will make enjoying healthy sleep hours even harder. A healthy way to sleep consists of avoiding checking out the time every five or ten minutes.

Checking the clock generates a sleep-related –anxiety which will deprive you of the rest you need to have. Next time, go to bed, set your alarm and turn your back on the clock!

#4 – Starting an argument with your partner

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A friendly and honest question: do you usually argue with your partner in bed, and always wonder about how to stop arguing with someone you love? Well, even if you don’t, many folks still do. Many couples reserve their bedtime for arguments over silly stuff.

Psychologists stress the fact that having unnecessary heavy conversations right before bedtime spoils the sleep cycle massively.

The bedroom is supposed to be a stress-free zone, not a conflict zone. Instead of being asleep, your mind would be busy processing the responses and reactions of your partner. So do you really need this?

#5 – Scrolling up and down your social media pages

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We are sorry to bring this up to you Mr or Ms important social media manager and influencer, but your social media apps are depriving you of having the sweetest time ever in life; sleep time. It is funny how we’d hurt ourselves and throw the blame on a machine.

You cannot deny the fact that you do go to bed with your smart gadget (be it your Huawei phone, Samsung tablet, Apple iPad, and the likes) in hand, don’t you? Well, dear, you can call off the whole social media news’ checking and the pages’ scrolling for the next morning.

While scrolling down and up such platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…), you could lay your eyes on something that would keep you awake until the early morning hours. Deal with your social media addiction now before it is too late!

#6 – Checking your mailbox

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One of the most common healthy sleep tips is never check your Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail in-box before bedtime. We Do understand that you are busy working or studying during the day and, therefore, cannot check your emails, but you have to take some time for that anyway.

Imagine that you receive an urgent work email about a given work issue, you would spend the night planning and analyzing what do the next day.

If you want to fall asleep peacefully and quickly, avoid touching your laptop and phone altogether. You will have the entire next day to sort out the issue. As for now, it is sleep time!

#7 – Sleeping by force

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If you are asking about how much sleep is healthy, then the answer, as already mentioned, is 8 hours. But this does not mean that you will have to force yourself to sleep. If you do this, you would make your sleep issues even worse than they already are.

Sleep in uncontrollable; you cannot force yourself to sleep unless you take sleep aid pills. Sleep is supposed to be a natural result of physiological melatonin secretion and physical exhaustion.

The more you force yourself to sleep, the worse your insomnia becomes. Consider the healthy sleeping positions, lay on the bed and let sleep crawl to your eyes instead!

#8 – Listening to music

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Were you ever advised to listen to music to fall asleep quickly? This happens a lot. In fact, listening-to-music is a very common sleep-well-piece of advice. Well, sadly, it turns out that it is baseless advice.

When you listen to music, dopamine levels rise in your brain which will make your mood even better on one hand, but it will also give a kick to heart rate and body temperature on the other.

These factors will not help your sleep cycle much. Instead of listening to your favorite pre-music playlist, read a book (novella, short story, novel or anything).

#9 – Taking a pre-bedtime snack

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Many people go through the pre-bed craving stage. They even get off their beds in the middle of the night to cook something or warm up a snack; well, this adds few more extra fats on their waists.

Besides, if you do as they do, you would end up awake throughout the entire night, for your digestive system would be busy breaking down the food you ingested.

So you basically cannot relax and, therefore, cannot sleep. Hence, having a pre-bed snack is not a good idea if you want to enjoy your 8 hours of sleep. Just drink water instead to keep your body hydrated!

#10 – Preparing a to-do-list

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It is indeed difficult to find time for everything, but a little time management can do. Most people save pre-bedtime to compile a to-do-list for the next day. Well, buddy, this is not something you should be doing before sleeping.

By making your to-do-list, you will be activating your brain to think and think to the extent of forgetting about sleeping completely. Once you walk into the bedroom, leave loads of thoughts and plans outside even if you think that multitasking is beneficial.

Let your brain rest; you can compile your to-do-list the next morning while having your cup of coffee.

If you have any further healthy sleep tips, feel free to share them with us and our readers in a comment below!



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