Skin overgrowing under your skin: what causes it and how to treat it?

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Cole Porter, in 1936, wrote the all-time classic “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” a song that became a global hit under the voice of the one and only Frank Sinatra.

We know how intricate and fascinating can be what we have under our skin — don’t worry; we know it was a love song, we are just building up — but what about what we have under our nails?

We know what nails are. They are made out of a fiber called keratin (most specifically, alpha-keratin) that covers the fingertips of both hands and feet. They are an evolution of claws, and to prove it is that the fiber we mentioned is found in claws and horns of vertebrates.

We know there is skin under fingernails — but it isn’t just any skin; the skin under the open edge of your nail it’s called hyponychium.

If you are looking at your fingers right now, look at your nail bed and just below your nail. That’s the spot. And it’s actually quite important: this part of your skin is there to prevent any dirty substances of entering and getting stuck under your nails.

One of the most common nail problems there is the skin growth under fingernail. It’s unaesthetic and can be painful.

Today we will uncover what your fingernails say about your health and what causes thick skin under fingernails. We will also reveal how to get rid of thick skin under fingernails and why is the skin under fingernails attached to nail.




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