7 Shocking Signs Of Cancer Most People Still Ignore


#1 – Skin Neoplasms

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Skin Neoplasms are one of the most common cancer signs that shouldn’t be ignored. This health condition can be defined as an abnormal mass of tissue that results when the cells don’t die or simply divide more than they normally should.

While skin Neoplasms don’t always lead to cancer, there is always a chance that they may cause cancer over time. Hence, it is extremely important that you regularly check your skin for any new growths as in some cases Neoplasms could indicate that you have skin or breast cancer. Here are symptoms that you should never ignore :

– The appearance of hard knots under your armpits or on your breast.

– Experiencing an unexpected skin rash or irritation of unknown origin. This means they are not related to any type of allergy you have towards certain foods or cosmetic products.

– The growth of a wet ulcer right at the center of a neoplasm.

– The appearance of a birthmark or a change on its shape.




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