3 Diabetes Tests You Must Have

It is due to a dysfunction in the cells that normally produce insulin, allowing regulating blood sugar levels. Since the hormone is produced in insufficient or no quantity, the glucose level remains abnormally high in the blood.

Type II diabetes, which accounts for 80% of diabetes, is most commonly seen in overweight or obese individuals. This is why we sometimes talk about “elderly diabetes”. Unlike Form I, insulin is well produced but the body has resistance or insensitivity to the hormone.

In other words, the latter is no longer recognized properly and no longer limits the level of glucose in the blood. This leads to an overproduction of insulin and an abnormally high blood sugar. As the name suggests, gestational diabetes appears in some pregnant women.

It is characterized by glucose intolerance which causes insulin resistance itself causing hyperglycemia.Diabetes is diagnosed by a blood test with blood sugar measurement (blood sugar).

The diagnosis is based on a fasting blood glucose level greater than or equal to 126 mg / dL, verified with three basic tests.

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