10 Of The Most Common Warning Signs That You Have Kidney Failure

Do you know that your body is constantly communicating with you, telling you what it needs and when something is out of balance? You don’t need a proof to believe it. Just think of the time when you are thirsty or hungry!

Let’s admit it, the body is a highly intelligent biological machine that is communicating with you through various and different ways. It’s just you who needs to learn how to listen to be able to communicate with it effectively!

10 Of The Most Common Warning Signs That You Have Kidney Failure© Health Advice
Should you click on next to find out about 10 warning signs that your body is given you to say that your kidneys are not working well!




  1. This is useful info, I’ve had lower back pain for weeks which had made me feel slightly nauseous; I’m a driver and been without a regular mode of transport for a couple of years so getting home to the toilet on time has been arduous. I’ve put on weight round my tummy so maybe its that or infection?

    I’m not at work so also feel like I’m trespassing on my own territory.
    Mrs Hall.


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